It’s time for yet another review for an iOS app that we believe is worth a try.  Wowso is a brand new social app for iPhone and iPad devices that gets the most out of the artificial intelligence power and shows the users only the posts they are interested in.

To get started, you just need to mark your favorite topics and categories from the list, and after that, you will only be shown the posts related to your chosen categories. As you may expect, there is the option to interact by sharing, reposting, liking, or adding comments.


View the latest stories across different social networks about your favorite topics

This is what this social app is all about. As far as we tested, the AI does work with high accuracy. Since it covers multiple social networks, including Twitter and Instagram, you don’t need to check multiple apps to read trending articles and latest stories about your favorite topics.

I also liked the feature to bookmark my favorite posts to read them later.


Is it worth a try?

First of all, I should say the AI is doing a great job filtering posts and stories based on their subject. The variety of available categories, make sure you can find your favorite ones with ease. The option to show a reaction to the shared posts makes it possible to engage with your favorite topics with ease.

Overall, Wowso is a perfect choice for those who don’t have time much time to browse through different social networks. It’s also useful for users who don’t want to scroll through various posts and stories on different topics and wish to have a personalized view where they can only see the stories and articles about their favorite items.

Download Wowso from Apple App Store, choose your favorite categories, and never miss a trending story about your favorite topics.