When I have already installed Instagram and TikTok, why would I need another social network to share short videos? Although I’ve already explored Instagram and TikTok, I’m always open to exploring new networks. Which one are you? We’ve got some good news for the second group. 

Zarathx is an excellent and easy-to-use social network for sharing short videos that enables you to create and edit cool videos ready to be shared easily. Like any other social platform, you can view and explore the videos of other users and see what users think about your uploaded short videos. The built-in video creator feature allows you to modify your taken video, add favorite music and share it with your followers instantly. 

On your main feed, you get to view the trending and popular videos and interact with the uploader with ease. There is also the explore section where you can discover new videos based on multiple categories, such as fun videos. comedy, reality, history, and much more.

Zarathx Upload short videos with music

What do I like the most abou t Zarathx?

Well, how do you define a successful social platform? To me, a social platform is a platform that comes with a large community of users from all around the world with different preferences and interests. As far as I tested Zarathx, it comes with a solid fan base, and based on the number of uploaded new content, I would say, it’s indeed a successful social platform.

I also like the fantastic set of options to create a video, from the built-in camera to the music insertion part to the publishing part.

Finally, the user interface is so friendly that it feels like you’ve already played around with the app for a long time.

Is Zarathx worth a try?

Looking at the beginning of the article, if you are ready to explore a new social platform designed for sharing cool short videos, Zarathx won’t disappoint you at all. It even has the potential to become the next TikTok.

Download Zarathx from Play Store and have fun creating fun short videos and sharing it with the world. Don’t forget to add your favorite music.