There are many tools available to manage comprehensively and efficiently the hardware of your Android device. These tools are generally the task managers, battery management apps, apps uninstallers, cache cleaners and many more.

ZD Box provides a complete set of tools at your disposal. Each of these tools can be individually provided in a form of a separate app but in ZD Box all of them can be used together.

After installation you can see the list of apps which are available. In the top right there is the menu button that includes settings, updates, about the Software and etc. In addition, you can share the app in different ways. In the settings you can activate the notification from status bar. In this case, information about battery usage and Internet will be displayed on the status bar.

You can also choose the theme of task killer’s widget.

Let’s review what ZD Box offers as both Android App and Android Widget:

Home Screen Widgets:

- ZDbox Tool: 1x1 widget size, which contains various toggles that you can choose to customize and use. These toggles include, WiFi, Bluetooth, Screen Light and etc.

- Task Killer: a 4x1 widget that displays the amount of used RAM, and with the kill all button, all the running apps will be stopped.

- ZDbox Toolbar: various toggles which can be set arbitrarily by the user next to each other. They are available in two sizes: 4x1 and 4x2.

The tools and their applications:

Battery Info: This tool provides the battery information to the user. Remaining time for battery power, battery temperature, battery status and etc. The Power Saver mode can be enabled in this section. The variety of settings and functions are available for this feature which makes it highly functional. Screen light amount, how much the screen stays on when it’s not in use, airplane mode, Wi-Fi and many more, are all customizable.

Additionally, by pressing the settings button, the device settings are displayed. Setting related to low battery warning, battery charging and etc. are available in this section.

Mobile Traffic: It is suitable for those who use mobile Internet (2G, 3G). It can generate a report on Internet consumption based on weekly, monthly, or customizable time. In addition, this tool allows setting to limit the usage to a number, and moreover it provides many other management options for daily consumption of data.

Do not Disturb: is a state which by activation, you will not hear any sound or alarm from the phone. It is very useful when you want to have a comfortable sleep. In this section, there is an automatic mode and you can select some hours of the day so the app activate this mode automatically. In addition, by DND Countdown option, you can enable this feature based on a counter, for example, you're going to sleep for just two hours, so you need to set the timer for two hours.

App Lock: As its name implies, is used to lock various apps. You can choose the password be a pattern or a 4 digit number. Simply select the program that you want to lock and the application will not run until the correct password is entered.


Task Killer: In this section the running applications are displayed. Similarly, the memory consumption is visible at the top. Choose the programs you want to close, and the app will stop them. In the settings section, you have the option to set a rule so the app closes unused apps automatically. The automatic close feature activated under 2 conditions, first when the amount of free memory is less than 50 megabytes and second when the screen is off.

One of the unique features of the app is the ability to close system’s programs, which of course for this option you need the root access.

Uninstaller: is used to batch uninstall the apps. There are options, to change the display arrangement of the apps and moreover search among them.


App to SD: is a tool to transfer installed app to memory card. This tool is suitable for phones with a limited internal memory. Thus, programs that are larger can be transferred to your external memory.

System Cleaner: With this tool, you can clean up your system quickly. The program removes the stored files in form of a cache files in different apps. Furthermore, an option is provided in the settings to do this automatically.

ZDbox for Android is a unique app that categorized as one of the best and most needed applications on the Android operating system. This application will offer users a set of tools for each, the user should install and app individually. These tools also work well, and some of them are unique in their kind. For example, App Lock is a nice app which is able to protect the programs perfectly, as well as Do Not Disturb, Battery Info and Task Killer which together can meet the needs of a pro user completely. The Power Saver tool with its different modes is an effective app too to reach the battery consumption to an optimum level.

Download ZDbox from Google Play