It’s time to get relaxed and ease your mind while playing an amazing match-3 puzzle game. Zen Block Match 3 is a premium match-3 games that focuses more on delivering a mind-relaxing experience without ever sacrificing the gameplay and overall quality.

This puzzle game is one of the best match three in a row games I’ve ever seen and played on my Android phone. The fantastic graphics along with relaxing music and sound effects and addictive levels with different challenges are the features that has made Zen Block Match 3 stand out in the competition. And don’t forget about the leaderboard feature that enables the players to go social and compare their performance with other players all around the world.


A perfect mind relaxing game with calming match-3 puzzles

As mentioned in the beginning of the review, Zen Block Match 3 does whatever it takes to get you relaxed, manage your stress level and help you improve your concentration skills. Every music and soundtrack have been selected with regards to this matter and the entire design language follows this mind-relaxing concept as well. I really liked available themes across different levels and how each level is different than the other levels.

Download Zen Block Match 3 Android

When it comes to gameplay in this match three in a row game, there is nothing new and everything seems quite familiar. I consider this point as an advantage, as it makes the player get used to the gameplay without any difficulty. There is also the cool endless mode that is a perfect choice for those who are looking for an addictive match 3 game to kill some time in their spare time.


Is this mind relaxing game worth a try?

Well, I would say yes. It’s delivering a decent match-3 puzzle game with the same familiar gameplay, boosters, power-ups, and challenges, but on the other side, it delivers a mind-relaxing experience unlike any other game you have ever seen.

Download Zen Block Match 3 from the Google Play Store on your Android device, and have fun playing a range of addictive match three in a row puzzles.