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10 Best Android Clock Widgets – August 2013

| 26 August 2013 |

We have completely updated our popular widget pack and here it is the best Android Clock Widgets as of August 2013. These clock widgets are both Analog and Digital, and some of them are our favorite because of their stylish and elegant look, and some of them have been chosen because of their ultimate customization and personalization features.


1. Digi Clock Widget


This is a digital clock widget with so many available customizations. You can choose to show seconds, change the color, font, and transparency of both time and date, and also change the background of the widget and set a background picture from your gallery. The ability to resize the widget, makes it possible to use it on every devices with different screen sizes.


2. Minimalistic Text


Number 2 on our list, is a MUST HAVE widget for every Android device. Install Minimalistic Text to feel how unique you are. You can change the orientation of date and time, change the layout and style to your favorite, change everything about the text style; for example show the minutes with digits and show the hours with texts, and many more. The current time is: Nine:42


3. Analog clocks widget


A set of different Analog Clock styles for your home screen. What we really liked about this clock widget is its 1×1 analog clock and its complete compatibility with devices running Android 2.1 and above. There are 20 different styles and designs to choose which 7 of them are free.


4. Digital Clock Disc Widget


This is both a Digital and Analog clock widget in 2 different sizes: 1×1 & 2×2. The Analog clock with its disk shape style has been designed very creatively (Although it needs some concentration to notice the time) and it uses the empty spaces in the ring to show the hour and minutes. You can change the theme and show or hide the digital clock as well


5. World Clock & Widget


This is a very simple clock widget with a simple design too (It is not beautiful at all!). But the main feature of this clock widget is the ability to show current time in different time zones at the same time on your home screen. It is very useful for those who have an international business and need to know the current time of their partners’ location at a glance.


6. Analog Clock Collection HD


This is another set of Analog clock designs with 4 default designs, which we liked the transparent one with glass theme. It is surprisingly super light & Battery friendly and resizing the widget lets you either use the whole screen for the clock or just a 1×1 spot. Since it needs Android 1.5 or above, it literally works on every Android device.


7. Jelly Bean Clock Widget


A very simple yet beautiful analog clock widgets with 14 square and circle styles in different colors: Black, Green, Pink, Green, Red, White, Yellow, and White. There is no customization other than resizing the widget from 2×2 to full screen and you just need to pick your favorite style from the widget list.


8. Simple Digital Clock Widget


As the name suggests, you should expect a simple digital clock on your home screen. It shows both current time and date, and available customizations are: changing time & date format, font, text color and text size. The text size is big enough to be readable easily. There is no option to resize the widget and you have to pick one from 2×1, 4×1 or 4×2 sizes.


9. Analog Clock Widget


This is a collection of 52 Animated Analog Clock Widgets in 2×2 and 3×3 sizes. Second hand and gears are animated and it feels like a real clock on your home screen. Since it is optimized for tablets, you can expect a full HD analog clock for your device.


10. Retro Clock Widget


Retro is still on our new list and we didn’t find any reason why it shouldn’t be one of the 10 best Android clock widget again. It is really good looking, stylish, and super light which doesn’t ask for any permission when installed. If you are a fan of those classical flipping clocks, then it is going to be your first and last choice.