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10 Must Have Android Widgets for New Users

| 11 February 2013 |
Welcome to the world of Android. One of the main advantages of Android OS over iOS is for sure the Widgets. The widgets are for your convenience and easy access to some information, applications, and system settings and can both save a lot of time for you and make your home screen personalized and beautiful. Android Open Source system lets the developer create awesome, cool paid or free widgets, and no matter you are you using Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola or other manufacturers, you can use them almost all on your device. In this article some of the Best must have widgets for new android users are introduced. Make sure you get all of them to enjoy Android even more.
  1. Beautiful Widget
Beautiful Widgets

Beautiful Widgets is your best friend for customizing your home screen

Beautiful widget is one of the most downloaded widget in the play market and no surprise that it is on the top of every recommended widget list for all type of users. The widget provides a set of beautiful fully customizable Clock, Weather, quick system setting, battery, and date. Choose among thousands of themes, skins, and layout to get an all unique personalized widget on your home screen. Play Store LInk
  1. Gmail

Gmail is built on the idea that email can be more intuitive, efficient, and useful

Thanks to the Google team the Gmail widget lets you have your inbox on your home screen and you can easily scroll down the emails or jump to the creating new email with just one click. It is possible to create widgets for each of your Email folders, such as Inbox or Sent. So, if you are using your email very often, let’s save some time and get the widget. Play Store Link
  1. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is your mobile browser for staying in touch with what’s happening on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Buzz

Face Book reaches 1 billion users. Barack Obama tweets his presidency. Tweet Deck is one the easiest yet practical widgets that lets the users tweet or post directly from their home screen. The widget also provides a detailed horizontal view for following others tweets and replies on your tweets and there is a vertical widget which helps you get the most of tweeter on your android device easily. Play Store Link

Android dictionary app, with trusted reference content from

You are reading an article with some strange words, some new expressions, and an article other than your mother language; this widget is really what you need at that time. You just need to write or even say your word and then widget gets your result through site’s dictionary or thesaurus. It also provides word of the day on your home screen. Play Store Link
  1. Onavo Count | Monitor Data
Onavo Count Monitor Data

Onavo Count puts you in control of your 3G data plan

Already activated your data plan and using it to read this article? Well, you absolutely need to monitor your data in order to avoid extra charge due to over use. Onave Count offers you three widgets named App Watch, Data Progress, and Live Data. You can easily see which applications are using how much amount of data, set a data plan and get notified of usage so far, and also check the live data of your usage. Play Store Link
  1. Extended Control
Extended Controls

It provides a totally customizable widgets, many advanced settings for any widget

One of the usefulness of widgets is to get to access the system settings with just one click. Turn Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Fly Mode, 3G on or off easily. Extended Control provides a highly customizable widget to have control on almost all of the device system setting on your home screen. Simply you control your setting on your home screen in your personalized way Play Store Link
  1. Animated Widget Contact Pro
Animated Widget Contact Pro

Bundle of Contact, Contact Group, Apps Launcher Widgets.

Make a quick call, text message or Email to your close friends and families with just two clicks on your Home Screen. You are also able to make application group in order to launch them on your home screen. This widget is recommended for those who are in contact with few people constantly and need to get access to them easily and fast. Play Store Link
  1. Evernote
Evernote Widget

The Evernote Widget lets you go directly to core Evernote features right from your home screen.

The popular Evernote application is on your home screen thanks to its widget. If you are a fan of making notes and record your daily events, get the widget and post notes, snapshots, audio note immediately on your home screen. You can also see your recent posts, search or share them. Make sure you have the Evernote original application before getting the widget. Play Store Link
  1. AudioManager

Audio Manager is a home-screen Widget and Volume manager that allows you to get live readings of your current volume levels

Audio Manager lets you get the control of your entire device audio; alarm, media, ringer, alerts, system, and voice calls and you make sure no unwanted sound gets out of your Android smart phone in a meeting. You can easily tap on the widget and get to the control room and adjust each volume level separately. Play Store Link
  1. Google Reader
Google Reader

Follow your favorite sites, blogs, and more, all in one place

Following RSS feeds is a popular way to get the latest news and Google Reader is simply one of the best RSS readers. Just add your favorite feeds, sources, or categories and then scroll down the latest news on your home screen. You also get to choose which feeds you are interested to follow on the widget. Play Store Link