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3G Watchdog: Android Data Counter App

| 14 June 2013 |
Android Data counter app

3G Watchdog is one of the best Android data counter apps and widgets which monitors and manages your mobile internet data usage. This data manager app supports the entire internet connection types: GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 4G and Wireless networks. Before getting to the widget features, let’s take a look at 3G Watchdog features:

  • Shows consumed data for the entire internet connections
  • Useful Reports about data usage
  • Usage history
  • Shows the status of Usage in the notification bar with changing color
  • Home screen widgets
  • Set data limit
  • Auto stop data usage (According to the limit)


There are 3 home screen widgets available for 3G Watchdog which are:

  1. 3GW mobile data switch: It functions as a toggle buttons which switches mobile data on or off by tapping it
  2. 3G Watchdog: It shows the amount of data used, and specifies how much you have used your data plan (you need to add your data plan to the app)
  3. 3G Watchdog Big: This widgets shows the same info as the previous one does, and it also uses a graphical progress bar to show the amount of used data according to the data plan

3G Watchdog for Android

3G Watchdog comes in both Free and Paid versions and note that there have been some complains about the accuracy of this App and widget, and you better contact the developers before buying the app.

Some features that are just available for premium users (Pro Version) are:

  • Usage by applications
  • Set limit for applications to access internet
  • Usage history with graph & CSV export
  • More home screen widgets

Download 3G Watchdog from Google Play