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5 Best Android Battery App & Widget

| 21 May 2013 |
Android Battery Widgets

Android Battery widgets and apps are designed to show you the phone’s battery left and the battery status and condition. We reviewed some useful tips to save battery power on Android devices, and this Widget pack is about reviewing 5 best Android battery apps and widgets:


1 Battery Widget

Battery Widget


This simple android battery widget, shows the exact battery level and it also has some shortcuts to Power Summary, Display, Network, GPS, Wifi, BT Settings for an easy access to them. You have easy access to some important setting while easily checking the battery percentage. Battery Widget has a 1X1 widget to show the amount of battery left
Download From Google Play Download Battery Widget
Features Simple 1x1 Battery Widget
Power Control settings
Screenshots Battery Widget

2 Battery HD

Battery HD


Battery HD is a perfect battery montior app and widget for both tablet and smartphone which informs you how many hours you have left for some functions of your phone. In other words, it tells you how many hours you can listen to music, watch a movie, talk on the phone, Internet browsing and more. This tablet optimized widget also supports battery information on Notification Bar
Download From Google Play Download Battery HD
Features Battery Status on Notification Bar
Show hours left to run different activities
Screenshots Battery HD

3 BatteryLife



If we want to describe BatterLife in one sentence we should say: "A simple Android battery widget to display the battery level with customizable interface". You can assigen different color to this 2x1 home screen widget to get to know about the battery life and status. It is simple and sweet indeed. Download From Google Play Download BatteryLife
Features Different Colors for Widget
2x1 home screen widget
Screenshots BatteryLife

4 Gauge Battery Widget

Gauge Battery Widget


Unlike most of the Android battery widgets, Gauge Battery Widget is an analog Android battery widget to measure the battery life. It also shows the temperature and voltage. You can choose between three different sizes and graphics with the ability to customize the color. It also supports battery status in notification bar Download From Google Play Download Gauge Battery Widget
Features Analog Battery Perecentage
3 Graphical widgets
Screenshots Gauge Battery Widget

5 Battery Solo Widget

Battery Solo Widget


Battery Solo Widget simply shows the percentage, Temperature, Voltage and the status of the battery of your Android phone or tablet. This home screen widget also notifies you when the battery is full, low or is in a over temperature situation. This lightweight app shows the battery percentage in both graphical and digital style in 1x1 widget (On ICS and JB it is resizable) Download From Google Play Download Battery Solo Widget
Features Resizable Battery Widget
Over Temperature Warning
Screenshots Battery Solo Widget