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5 Best Android Calendar Widget

| 3 February 2013 |
You are a businessman, a student, a housewife you surely need a calendar to book important dates on it. Android comes with a default calendar, and also Samsung, Sony, HTC and others have their own default calendars but with usually a simple one with not too many functions and features. There are lots of Calendars on the Market can be replaced by your default calendar. Read the article and never forget an important event anymore.
  1. Pure Grid calendar widget
Pure Grid calendar widget

Widget for Agenda / Tasks / TODO (month or week calendar view style)

Pure Grid helps you create your Agenda, tasks, TO DO lists and show it on your home screen weekly or monthly and you get to see the event detail without jumping to the app. It also syncs with Google calendar Play Store Link
  1. Smooth Calendar
Smooth Calendar

A simple and good looking calendar widget

This simple calendar widget shows up to six upcoming events on your home screen, and you can schedule your event up to one year in advance. The many customization choices can make your widget look like what you really have in mind Play Store Link
  1. Simple Calendar Widget
Simple Calendar Widget

This widget calendar is analog of standard calendar widget

Choose between skins, fonts, backgrounds and the see what your next appointment will be on your home screen. If you are looking for a simple good looking calendar widget, then you have the right widget Play Store Link
  1. Business Calendar
Business Calendar

Business Calendar is a complete calendar application that is synced with your Google calendars!

Business Calendar is really a complete calendar application with lots of features which has a well customized widget in different design themes and fonts. You can configure widget to have month, week, day and agenda view and get the most of the app on your home screen. Play Store Link
  1. Jorte Calendar
Jorte Calendar

Jorte is one of the most popular calendar/organizer applications.

Jorte Calendar is one of the most popular calendar and personal organizer on the Market. Choose between different sizes of widget, specify whether you need to see Calendar view or task, weekly, Agenda or Daily, and much more customization and finally get your calendar on the Home Screen Play Store Link