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5 Best Android Power Control Widget

| 11 May 2013 |
Android Power Control Widget

Power Control Widgets are using to make changes to the system settings easier and simpler. You just need to toggle On or Off almost all the system settings with just one tap. Below we introduced 5 cool Power Control widgets to have the control of the phone right from home screen


1 Extended Controls

Extended Controls


Exended Controls in one word makes it possible to have a quick access to almost all the settings of your Android device with just one tap on home screen widgets. You also get to choose different background, icons and colors for the widgets. Changing the transparency of the widgets is one other cool feature of Extended Controls. Here are some settings you can control from home screen: 2G, 3G, 4G, Auto Sync, Sound mode, Stay Awake toggle, Flashlight and more
Download From Google Play Download Extended Controls
Features Widgets transparency
Ultimate Customization
Screenshots Extended Controls

2 Power Toggles

Power Toggles


Easily add 8 quick system setting, then customize almost all the details of the widget from changing the transparency or color to changing the icon of settings and finally have easy access to almost any setting in your device. This is what Power Toggles promises to do and actually does ;). This is a free and No adds power control widget which contains more than 40 toggles. There is also one cool feature which is the supprt of Lock Screen widgets on Android 4.2. You can also backup and share widget settings
Download From Google Play Download Power Toggles
Features Supports LockScreen Widegts
More than 40 Toggles
Screenshots Power Toggles

3 SwitchPro Widget

SwitchPro Widget


SwitchPro Widget like the other 2 mentioned power control widgets, take control of most of the system setting and switch them on or off by just one tap. The highly customizable widget allows you to have your desired interface applied on the home screen. The cool feature of this widget is the scheduled on/off for some settings. Adding widgets to notification bar is supported like Power Toggles and Extended Control Download From Google Play Download SwitchPro Widget
Features Scheduled On/Off for Some Settings
NO network Access
Screenshots SwitchPro Widget

4 SwitchPro Widget

Music Volume EQ


Well, we have already covered the quick access to the system settings and have them turn On/Off with one tap, but how about controling Sound and Equalizer setting from home screen? Music Volume EQ, is what you are looking for. It is a great Android music control app and widget to enhance yourphone sounds. The home screen widget lets you adjust sound level and frequency. Choose from 9 equalizer presets or just save your own made custom presets. Download From Google Play Download SwitchPro Widget
Features Media Volume Control
Compatible with most Music Players
Screenshots SwitchPro Widget

5 Lock Screen Widget

Lock Screen Widget


Let's finish the list with an awesome home screen widget with just ONE single functionality: Lock Your Phone with One Tap. It is just simple and easy as it seems, but you will love it as soon as installing it. We should mention that, some users find it difficult to uninstall the widget, but if follow the instructions by the developer, you are not facing any problem: Before uninstalling widget make sure to disable admin permissions in Location & security > Select device admin > Lock Screen Widget Download From Google Play Download Lock Screen Widget
Features Lock the Screen with one tap
iPhone Style
Screenshots Lock Screen Widget