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5 Best Android Quick Contact Widgets

| 4 February 2013 |
One of the features of widgets is to get some works with smart phone done on the home screen without opening any application and companies like Google, HTC or Samsung try to make more widgets pre-installed. If you call, text or mail your family, friends, or coworkers very often during the day, then make sure to get the following widgets and save some time for sure.
  1. Animated Widget Contact Launch
Animated Widget Contact Pro

Bundle of Contact, Contact Group, Apps Launcher Widgets.

Choose your favorite contacts or group contacts and then easily and quickly stay in touch with them on your home screen. The widget has also another feature that functions as an app launcher on the home screen. Play Store Link
  1. Life Contacts
Life Contact

life.contacts makes your communication fast, simple and pretty

This widget shows your most frequently used contacts on your home screen and you just need to tap on the pictures to communicate faster than ever. You can also let the widget choose your contacts Facebook pictures as their contact picture. Play Store Link
  1. Smart Contacts Widget
Smart Contact Widget

Quick access to call or send text to frequent contacts

Smart Contacts widget is another widget to help you easily have access to your recently or frequently contacted friends and call or text them by tapping on your home screen. Play Store Link
  1. Photo Contacts Widget
Photo Contatcs Widget

a Scrollable Photo Contact Widget

If your launcher supports scrollable contacts, then this widget is right for you. You choose to show all your contacts, contact group or favorites on the scrollable 2 size widget right on your home screen. Play Store Link
  1. Contacts +

Contacts+ is your everyday contacts & dialer app

Contact + is not just a widget and it is an alternative phonebook and dialer for your android device which comes with a widget. It is integrated with Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and you get to send messages without opening the original app. Play Store Link