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5 Best Android Widget to Monitor Data Usage

| 5 February 2013 |
Smartphones are almost useless without internet. If you are always using Wi-Fi or have an unlimited data plan, close the page. But if you are on a limited data plan and always worry about the extra charge don’t miss these useful widgets which are compatible with all types of Android devices like Samsung, Sony or HTC. Let’s get the widgets and save some money on the phone bill

1. Data Enabler Widget

Data Enabler Widget

A widget to toggle “Data enabled” setting.

This widget may not control your consumed data but it is a real fast and quick way to turn on or off your Data. You just need to tap on the widget and no more setting or modification Play Store Link

2. My Data Manager

My Data Manager

Take control of your mobile data and save money on your mobile phone bill

The app is simply monitoring all your data usage and you can specify data plan. The widget itself shows data usage over Wi-Fi, Mobile, Roaming and you can get more information by tapping on the widget Play Store Link

3. Onavo Count | Monitor Data

Onavo Count Monitor Data

Onavo Count puts you in control of your 3G data plan

Onave Count offers you three widgets named App Watch, Data Progress, and Live Data. You can easily see which applications are using how much amount of data, set a data plan and get notified of usage so far, and also check the live data of your usage. Isn’t it the best? Play Store Link  

4.3G Watchdog

3G Watchdog

3G Watchdog data counter monitors your Mobile Internet data usage

Looking for a simple data counter widget? Well, 3G Wathdog is what you are looking for. It simply shows how much data you have consumed on your home screen. The app has far more useful features to manage and monitor data Play Store Link

5. Data counter widget

Data Counter Widget

Data counter widget keeps track of how much network traffic your mobile uses

Data counter widget does exactly as its name says. Simply get and keep track of your data usage on the home screen of your smart phone. It also shows Data usage over Wi-Fi or cell based on a given date Play Store Link