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5 Best Android Widgets for Businessman

| 2 February 2013 |
Businessmen always need to have access to their documents, task, latest news and other stuff related to their job everywhere with themselves and what is better than having their office on a smartphone and having access to everything on its home screen thanks to powerful android apps and widgets. If you are a businessman and want to have your works done neatly and on time, you just need to have an android device (Samsung, Sony, HTC, else) and continue reading the article.
  1. Business Calendar
Business Calendar

Business Calendar is a complete calendar application that is synced with your Google calendars!

A calendar is a must have widget for a businessman to make sure no meeting, tasks, due date is forgotten. Among the various calendar apps and widget, Business Calendar is what you need. Just enter all your important dates to the calendar and have them always on your Home Screen. The configurable widget lets you change the calendar view based on what you need. Play Store Link
  1. Evernote Widget
Evernote Widget

The Evernote Widget lets you go directly to core Evernote features right from your home screen.

You are in a meeting and need to take some note, take a snapshot or record an audio note. Evernote lets you do all of this in a blink of eye just by tapping on the home screen. You are able to tag or share your contents easily. Play Store Link
  1. Google Reader
Google Reader

Follow your favorite sites, blogs, and more, all in one place

Get the latest news about your business area, just by following RSS news regarding that area. Google Reader lets you add your desired feeds and then you get the latest news just on your home screen. Never lose news related to your business Play Store Link
  1. Google Drive
Google Drive

Keep Everything, Share Everything with Google Drive

A simple fact is that you always need your documents with yourself, and thanks to the Google Drive you have all your documents stored in cloud storage and easy to access everywhere. You can read your starred mark documents, create new document or spreadsheet and take a photo all on your Home Screen. Keep everything Share anything Play Store Link
  1. Google Finance
Google Finance

Finance for Android brings you streaming real-time quotes in this stock quote and portfolio application

You are in a meeting and need to check the latest quotes of one of your stock in portfolio or the market summary. You just need to have the Google Finance widget on your Home Screen. You can also check the detailed news by tapping on the widget and redirecting to the original app Play Store Link