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5 Best Android Widgets for Memory Status Check

| 17 February 2013 |
Monitoring the amount of Internal memory left, SD memory left, External SD memory left, and Free RAM memory is a way to manage your device’s memory and you can do it either by going to the setting menu checking each memory one by one or get the following widgets and check all of them at a glance on your Android home screen.  
  1. Memory Status Widget
Memory Status Widget

Memory Status allows you to check and monitor at a glance your smartphone status.

Use this graphical widget to check your phone’s memory status. You can get to check Battery left percentage, Free RAM memory, Internal, SD and External SD memory left all on your home screen. Play Store Link
  1. Quick System Info PRO
Quick System Info PRO

Quick access of the basic system information for your Android platform, including information for CPU, memory, SD Card, running processes

This widget lets you get to the application by tapping on the home screen and show you the information regarding the system memory usage and other data. You also are able to clear application cache by tapping on the widget cache cleaner Play Store Link
  1. Perfect System Monitor
Perfect System Monitor

Widget to show system information.

This home screen widget shows some system information to help you better monitor your device. Perfect System Monitor lets you monitor; Battery, Free Memory, CPU usage, free storage, and a lot more. Isn’t it the best for what is for? Play Store Link
  1. RAMDroid – RAM Widget

RAMDroid is an open-source, lightweight widget that simply shows how much unused RAM your device ha

RAMDroid as its developers say, is a lightweight widget that simple shows home much unused RAM your device has. Sometimes a simple widget with just one feature is more practical with a widget with full of customization and features. Play Store Link
  1. Memory Cleaner
Memory Cleaner

Simplest memory cleaner.
Free memory to Speed Up your system by one tap.

Despite other widgets on the list, Memory Cleaner shows the memory status and then lets you free the system memory by one tap. Working with the home screen free widget is really easy. Play Store Link