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5 Best Android Widgets for Students

| 16 February 2013 |
Smartphones can be either good or bad for students and if they use them in a proper way, it may have a great effect on their studies. Samsung, Sony, HTC and all other android users can take advantage of useful widgets for students to have a more efficient spending time with their android gadgets. The following list is some recommended widgets for students.
  1. Student Timetable Widget WP7

Student Timetable Widget

This widget lets you create your timetable and then shown the current course or quickly browse today’s course and it even alerts you before starting a class and set the profile automatically in the class. It also supports multiple user and term. Play Store Link
  1. AnkiDroid Flashcards
AnkiDroid Flashcards

Memorize anything with AnkiDroid!

Flashcards are a common and efficient way to memorize almost anything. You can create your own flash cards or use the existing ones from variety of subjects to make sure you never forget a word, formula, definition or else. Three widgets on your home screen is going to make memorizing fun Play Store Link
  1. Evernote Widget
Evernote Widget

The Evernote Widget lets you go directly to core Evernote features right from your home screen.

Students can easily take note or audio note using Evernote widget during a class and by easily sharing them, they can make sure to have the contents of their friends and never miss a point again in the class. Play Store Link
  1. Google Drive
Google Drive

Keep Everything, Share Everything with Google Drive

Are you having all your class notes and contents classified and stored digitally? Thanks to the Google Drive and cloud storage you can have all your documents and notes everywhere with you and thanks to the widget you have access to them just on your home screen Play Store Link

Android dictionary app, with trusted reference content from

If you are studying abroad and the language is other than your native, then a dictionary is a necessity. There are lots of technical dictionary for your major and course, but widget lets you check the definition of everything easily and fast on your home screen Play Store Link