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5 Best Stock Market Widgets for Android

| 15 February 2013 |
How much have you invested in the Stock Market? How do you follow the latest quotes of your portfolio stocks? How would you like to know what the latest stock price of big smart phone companies like Apple, Google, Samsung, Sony, and HTC are? If you are interested in financial markets or have a portfolio of your own, you can easily get the latest quotes of your favorite stocks on your Android home screen by just getting the following widgets
  1. Google Finance
Google Finance

Finance for Android brings you streaming real-time quotes in this stock quote and portfolio application

Google Finance application is for sure one of the most complete app regarding financial market, and its widget lets you choose one stock from your portfolio to get the latest quotes on your home screen. You can also modify the update interval Play Store Link
  1. Stocks – Realtime Stock Quotes
Stocks - Realtime Stock Quotes

Finance for Android brings you streaming real-time quotes in this stock quotes and portfolio application

Get the real time market index or your portfolio quotes on your home screen with great interface. The widget is synced with your Google Finance account and you can watch the market or your entire portfolio at a glance. Play Store Link
  1. Ministocks – Stocks Widget

Ministocks is a simple and powerful stocks widget, that allows you to see the most important information about your stocks quickly and easil

Ministocks is a simple widget but provides your important information regarding your portfolio on your home screen. Search your stock symbols and get to know the price change, profit or loss, and other information about your stocks. Play Store Link
  1. Stock Quote
Stock Quote

Highlighted by Google, Stock Quote has best financial features like real time quotes

Stock Quote is a simple efficient way to watch the Market. It lets you check the latest quotes of major indices or your portfolio on your home screen. You can tap on the news button to get the latest financial news from different major news sources. Play Store Link
  1. Android Stocks Tape Widget
Android Stocks Tape Widget

Stocks Widget showing sliding tickers like the NYSE / CNBC tape !

Most of the stock widgets show the stock information vertically on the home screen, but Android Stocks Tape widget shows them horizontally and the information moves over your eyes on your home screen with the provided speed and specified level of details. Play Store Link