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5 Must have Android Widgets You Need Now

| 12 February 2013 |
There are thousands of widgets and the android play market and some of them are useful for a specific group of people and some of them are general. There are lots of list and recommendation for all android users from Nexus and Galaxy users to Xperia and One X users, but in this article we just introduce 5 must have android widgets which is essential for all types of users.
  1. Beautiful Widgets
Beautiful Widgets

Beautiful Widgets is your best friend for customizing your home screen

You don’t have to get a widget for battery, weather, clock separately. The Beautiful Widgets bring them all in one place with lots of customization and modification. This paid widget does make your home screen beautiful. Play Store Link
  1. Extended Control
Extended Controls

It provides a totally customizable widgets, many advanced settings for any widget

Turn Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Flight Mode, 3G on or off easily on your home screen. Extended Control is a paid widget which provides a highly customizable widget to control almost the entire device and save you plenty of time. Play Store Link
  1. Onavo Count | Monitor Data
Onavo Count Monitor Data

Onavo Count puts you in control of your 3G data plan

Onave Count offers you three widgets named App Watch, Data Progress, and Live Data. You can easily see which applications are using how much amount of data, set a data plan and get notified of usage so far, and also check the live data of your usage. Isn’t it the best? Play Store Link
  1. Evernote
Evernote Widget

The Evernote Widget lets you go directly to core Evernote features right from your home screen.

If you are a fan of making notes and record your daily events, get the widget and post notes, snapshots, audio note immediately on your home screen. You can also see your recent posts, search or share them. Make sure you have the Evernote original application before getting the widget. Play Store Link
  1. Animated Widget Contact Pro
Animated Widget Contact Pro

Bundle of Contact, Contact Group, Apps Launcher Widgets.

Choose your favorite contacts or group contacts and then easily and quickly stay in touch with them on your home screen. The widget has also another feature that functions as an app launcher on the home screen. Play Store Link