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5 Widgets that make your Home Screen Beautiful

| 1 February 2013 |
Sometimes you just want to have a beautiful home screen with lots of beautiful live wallpapers and widgets. Maybe you want to make Apple users jealous about how your smartphone (Nexus, Samsung, Sony or etc.) looks great on the home screen. The following is a list of beautiful widgets for android
  1. Beautiful Widgets
Beautiful Widgets

Beautiful Widgets is your best friend for customizing your home screen

The widget’s name is speaking for itself. Beautiful Widgets is almost the most beautiful widget on the Android Market and it also brings a variety of widgets from weather to clock with fully customization option. This paid widget is worth the paying Play Store Link
  1. Fancy Widgets
Fancy Widgets

Personalize your Android home screen with highly customizable widgets

Fancy Widgets is a free widget which makes your home screen look beautiful with a range of customizable Clock, Weather status and forecast widgets.  Customize as much as you want to get to your unique desired design. Play Store Link
  1. Animated Widget Contact Pro
Animated Widget Contact Pro

Bundle of Contact, Contact Group, Apps Launcher Widgets.

A beautiful free and paid widget to make a quick call, text message or Email to your close friends and families on your Home Screen. You are also able to make application group in order to launch them on your home screen. Play Store Link
  1. HD Widgets
HD Widgets

HD Widgets includes a dozen beautiful widgets that show current time, weather, weather forecast, and utility switches

A great user interface which is fully customizable with stunning screens brings you the beautiful clock, time and weather status. The variety of widgets and their background and layout make your home screen fresh and new every day. Play Store Link 5. WidgetLocker Lockscreen
WidgetLocker Lockscreen

WidgetLocker is a lock screen replacement that puts you in control of the look, feel and layout of your lock screen.

Are you ready to completely customize your lock screen and make it more beautiful? You can easily add android widgets and application shortcuts and use them on the lock screen. You can also change the look of sliders in to your desired one and assign them some action such as calling someone or launching the camera. Play Store Link