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Alarm Clock App for HTC One

| 14 May 2013 |
Alarm Clock for HTC ONe
What do you do for getting up early in the morning? You may use a real physical alarm clock but if you are an Android user, we extremely recommend you to continue reading this review as we are to introduce a new advanced Android alarm clock with unique features.


App introduction

Alarm Clock Plus – This application is known as one of the best Android alarm clock assistant. The application can be adjusted to stop or continue ringing according to user’s reaction. For example to make sure the user is completely awake, application can ask some math problems with different difficulty levels. Another custom adjustment is that you can stop the ringing by shaking the phone at that time. Application can be adjusted to slowly increase the ringtone volume to avoid any sudden shocks to users. Beside the default ringtones, Alarm Clock Plus is able to play your own defined music or to play a random music from a specific album. The interesting feature in Alarm Clock Plus is that it can run a pre-defined application before raising the alarm. This way you can see, for example, what is the current weather condition immediately after you wake up. The application comes with several different widgets which helps to access easily the main application or to disable/enable a specific alarm.



  • Custom ringtone
  • Shake the phone to stop the ringing
  • Math Problem questioning
  • Unlimited alarm creation
  • Ability to run a specific app before raising the alarm
  • LED blinking
  • Snooze duration adjustment
  • Backup alarms to SD Memory

Download Alarm Clock Plus from Google Play
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