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Alarm Clock Xtreme: Android Alarm Clock App

| 2 June 2013 |
Android Alarm Clock App

Are you one of those who are used to the regular alarm clocks and the ways to wake you up? Have you ever tried Alarm Clock Xtreme? We assure you it wakes you up in the morning! No matter how tried you have been in the last night. Here we review some features of this amazing Android alarm clock app.

Alarm Clock Xtreme Introduction:

The main task of this Android widget as its name suggests is to wake you up gently. It also provides you some other features like: Showing time, Time reaming to the next Alarm, Stop Watch (You may need to install StopWatch Xtreme which is integrated with this app). The app does its best to avoid you to turn off the alarm accidentally and the alarm doesn’t gets off unless you solve a math problem. You also get to choose the alarm sound from music library and it is possible to wake up every day with a different random song which can be set to increase the sound gradually. This is also possible to assign different alarm songs for different alarm, so as soon as you hear the alarm you know what it is about and what you should do. To dismiss or snooze the alarm you can either solve a math problem, or shake the phone or simply press the button

Let’s see some of main features of Alarm Clock Xtreme to finish the review:

  • Home Screen alarm clock widget
  • Choose the alarm song from library
  • Customize and Change the background
  • Increasing the alarm volume gradually
  • Solve math to dismiss
  • Shake to dismiss
  • Stop Watch and Timer

Download Alarm Clock Xtreme from Google Play which is avaialbe in both free and paid version.

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