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Android App Cache Cleaner Widget

| 3 July 2013 |
Another Android Productivity App and Widget on AW Center. App Cache Cleaner does exactly as its name suggests: Clear the entire Cache of installed applications on your Android device. When you open the app, it scans installed applications and show you the amount of Cached data for each applications. The total cache is also shown with the number of apps with saved cache. Since for Not rooted devices, the cache is stored in the internal Memory, freeing cache makes the phone work faster with more extra space. You can either tap each Application and clear its cache or tap “Clear All Cached Files” to clear everything in a blink of an eye.

In the Android App Cache Cleaner App settings, you have these options:

Notification Bar Icon: it show an icon on the notification bar, so you can switch quickly to the app

Clear All: It clear all cached files as soon as you open the app. There is also Exit After Clear option, which does the same as soon as you close the app

Auto Clear Interval lets you define an interval to specify how often you would like to clear cache. After that, the app clears cache automatically. Available options are from every 1 hour, to every 3 days.

Auto Check feature notifies you when the size of cache files is too much and need to be considered.


There is One Home Screen widget for App Cache Cleaner which is very useful for clearing all cache with just one tap on home screen. When you add Cache Clean Widget on your home screen, you are asked whether you want to enable “One Tap Clear Mode” or not. If so, all the app cache will be cleared when you click on the widget, which may lead to delete temporary data of app. The home screen widget also shows, the amount of cached files.

What we recoomend is to disble automatic cache cleaning option, and also One tap clear mode. You better get used to open the app every other week and check the status of apps and their cache size, and do the necessary actions.

Download App Cache Cleaner from Google Play