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Android Calculator Widget

| 29 June 2013 |

How often do you use calculator during a day? There are plenty of Android calculator apps from a simple one to professional and scientific ones, which you can install and use them. But have you ever thought of an Android calculator widget which uses a whole page of your home screen? So, you just need to turn on the screen, start using the calculator and turn of the screen again. These calculator widgets usually do some simple tasks and you shouldn’t expect much from them, and in this widget review we are going to introduce you one of the best Android calculator widgets which provide you some personalization too.

Widget Calculator NO ADS can only be used on Home Screen and there is no separate app for this widget. This calculator can perform subtraction, addition, multiplication and division as its 4 main operations. Square root, Power, Sinus, Cosines, Tangent, Logarithm with base 10 and Logarithm with base e (LN) are the functions that this calculator widget supports. There is also the option to copy and paste, and also keep a history of your recent operations.

It is also worth to mention that if you are using an Android phone with Jelly Bean 4.2 you can enjoy this calculator on your Lock Screen.

The available customizations for this No Ads widget are: Changing font size, background transparency, background color, vibration, show text under icon, and show or hide superscript which is for showing or hiding current result.


Let’s take a quick look at Widget Calendar Features:

  • Add, Subtract, Multiple and Divide right from Home Screen
  • Trigonometric functions: Sinus, Cosines, Tangent
  • Other functions: Logarithm, LN, Square Root
  • Hisotry
  • Copy & Paste
  • Different personalization

You can download Widget Calculator NO ADS from Google Play for free.