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Android Magic Widgets: Make your own Customized Widget

| 18 September 2013 |

Magic Widgets is a simple widget creator application for Android. With the power of WYSWYG (What You See is What You Get) editing tools, it is now possible to create highly customizable widgets to feel like you are designing a new widget. Magic Widget helps you create your own weather & clock widget. But more is promised to come soon.

The application gives access to 3 widgets, 2 current weather widgets and 1 future weather forecast. Upon selecting any of them, the widget editor opens. It is really simple to work with the editor. With some tapping and browsing, you can change any part of the widget appearance, from background color and weather icon packs to font colors and transparency.


Although Magic widgets look nice on the home screen, in comparison to other widget creation apps, it does not provide enough customization we expected and it would get a little boring after some time. We hope to see some serious changes from the developers in the future versions.

Note: To be sure nothing goes wrong; install the application into your phone, not SD card.



  • Easy to use – simple widget creation application
  • Available with 3 widgets
  • Create widgets with no knowledge of coding (using WYSWYG)
  • Detailed weather forecast (date, time, sunrise, wind, humidity & more)
  • Accurate weather forecast for 100,000 locations worldwide


Magic Widgets is available in Google Play