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Android System Info Widget

| 27 August 2013 |
System Info Widget is an Android widget to show some information about your device as well as some power control toggles. Battery Percentage, Temperature, Free RAM, Free Storage, Free SD Card Space, System Uptime, Android Version and Signal Strength are all the information you can see from home screen. Toggle buttons are: Phone Profile, Bluetooth, WiFi, Airplane Mode, Auto sync, Toggle 3G/2G, Toggle GPS, Remount SD and Reboot (Root Only). As you can see, you have plenty of important info to watch on home screen.

There are four 1×1, 1×4, 3×1, and 4×1 widget sizes, which the only difference between them is about the number of toggle buttons or quick info to show (Of course the 1×4 widget is placed vertically and others are horizontal).

When you add a widget on home screen, it shows some default system info and Tapping on an empty place of the widget, takes you to the System Info Widget settings. Available options are:

Themes: Available themes to select are: Eclair, Icons only, Icons only (Eclair), Icon only (White), iPhone, and White.

Update Interval: Here you can specify the interval between widget updates. The default update interval is 5 seconds and if you don’t mind about battery consumption, you can reduce the time.

Tapping Display Options takes you to following options:.

Battery Display: This is for choosing a theme for showing battery level in the notification bar. Available options are: Light icon or Dark icon. Choosing None disable battery percentage on notification bar.

Font Color: Change the theme font color to your favorite one.

Temperature: Specify the Temperature type: Celsius, Fahrenheit, or Both.

Whole Numbers: Change the number rounding options and specify which numbers should be rounded.

Widget Items: Select items to be displayed on the widget. The maximum amount of items to display on home screen for are 5 (Available items are those we mentioned at the beginning of the review).

Although System Info Widget has not been supported and updated for the past 2 years, but available options and features are really great, and we didn’t find any flaw or bug when working with the widget. It has a neat design and is very useful for those who would like to get notified about the status of some important system settings of their device and monitor important information. Since it has not been updated for a while, it may show wrong data on some devices for SD memory card status.

Download System Info Widget from Google Play