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Android Traffic Counter Widget

| 21 June 2013 |

Traffic Counter Extended is an Android application to count messages, calls and WIFI/3G/Edge network usage. The interface is not that interesting but it is easy to use. When you first open the app, you will see there are three tabs at the top: Traffic, Billing and Apps. In the Traffic section you can see a quick monthly statistics at a glance: How many messages you sent and received, how many incoming and outgoing calls you had and how much Wi-Fi & Cell traffic you used. By tapping any of them, their graphical statistics are displayed. It is possible to reset the counter for each of the followings: Messages, Calls, Wi-Fi and Cell.

Back to our tabs, the Billing tab helps you count the costs. You just set a starting unit cost and the application tells you how much money that phone call/message/internet costs you.

The third tab displays a list of application using network traffic. This way you know which application is consuming your internet traffic the most.

The free version which is ad-free, comes with two configurable 1×1 widgets. You can select only one Type to display: Cell, Wi-Fi, Messages or Calls. Then you choose if the widget should have a background or a progress bar. Both of these two widgets have the same look except that one of them instead of progress bar, displays incoming/outgoing or UP/Down counts.

Premium users have access to larger widgets: 2×1 & 4×1. The first one displays graphical statistics for the selected type in the specified intervals. You have the option to select the Graph color. The 4×1 widget displays statistics for all four types (Cell, Wi-Fi, SMS and Call) all together side by side.


The following is a quick review of Traffic Counter features:


  • Network usage counter
  • Messages & calls count
  • Graph display
  • Application network usage
  • Billing & cost calculation
  • Notification on specific usage
  • Ignore statistic counting for a defined timespan
  • Extremely light size: only 300KB.


Download Traffic Counter Extended from Google Play.