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Animated Widget Contact Pro Review

| 12 July 2013 |

Animated Widget Contact Pro is one of our favorite Android home screen Widgets. It lets you open your favorite applications from Home Screen and Call, Email, or send SMS to your favorite contacts. When you add the widget to Home Screen you can choose either of these options: Contact, Contacts Group, Application Launcher, Bookmark Launcher, and Restore from backup.

After tapping this option, you need to add one of your contacts first, and then all your accesses appear: sending text message, email, and calling to all the phone numbers associated with the selected contact. You can sort or delete each shortcuts, change shortcut color, text color, and skin. After managing the “List items” swipe left to customize the “Properties tab”. It is for choosing the action for double tap. “Appearance” tab is to change Animation speed, animation kind, skin, icons set, skin color, size of shortcuts, show shortcut labels,  text style, shortcuts color and text color. As you see, you are able to customize and personalize almost every thing.

Contacts Group: This home screen widget, lets you add some of your contacts, and then assign an action to each of the contacts. It means you can specify the action (Call, Text Message, or Email) once you tap the contact. This widget is very useful if you regularly call one of your contacts and send text message to one other. Other customization are the same as Contacts widget

Application Launcher: This is for opening some favorite applications from home screen. You just need to mark your favorite apps and let the Widget do the rest. The Properties tab is for choosing the action when double tapping the widget (It opens your selected app)

Bookmarks Launcher: It shows the available bookmarks on your home screen.

You can also create backup from your settings and restore them whenever you want. You can change the folder to store backups from the Setting menu. 

Download Animated Widget Contact Pro from Google Play