Lastet Review To-do List & Task List Review

| 18 June 2013 |

Any.DO is a totally free android to-do list application with a simple, clean and well-designed interface. Add a task, give it a name and you will never forget to get it done! You will be surprised by the simplicity of the app. As soon as you open the application, you are greeted with a list broken into four sections: Today, Tomorrow, This Week and Later.

Simplicity is what the user see in the first view, behind the clean and minimalistic UI, there exist a world of features:


  • Simple UI
  • Swipe tasks to mark them as complete
  • Drag & drop tasks
  • Shake to remove the completed tasks
  • Selectable Light and Dark themes
  • Multi-purpose widgets
  • Easy Sync
  • Organize better by creating folder
  • Share with friends


Users can easily drag & drop tasks between the earlier mentioned 4 sections. So if you couldn’t do that exercise today, you may move it to tomorrow.

The text prediction comes very handy. For example if you type John who is also in your contact list, the application brings the name and then it would give options like: Email John, Meet John or call John. If you don’t like typing, you can use the speech recognition feature to add the tasks by speaking.

Any.DO comes with variety of multi-sized widgets:

  • 3 large widgets displaying list of upcoming tasks
  • 2 minimal widgets one for displaying the next event and the other for quick adding a task either regularly or by speaking
  • 1 resizable widget for Android 4+ users

 Using widgets you can quickly mark a task as complete by simply tapping it, though you can’t add tasks directly from widgets.

Download from Google Play