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Audio FX widget is an Easy Way to Change Equalizer on Android

| 21 October 2013 |

Audio Fx Widget is a must have for those who care about the quality of music on their Android device.  Using Audio Fx Widget, it has never been easier and this much fun to get a hand on system audio output. Although most music player already have such feature, but it so much easier to change Equalizer on Android devices right from home screen!

From within one single 4×1 widget on your home screen, you can apply any audio effects that you desire, either choose from default presets or manually apply your own settings. Audio Fx provides access to 5 band-level equalizer and more than 10 default presets to choose in addition to preset Reverb, Bass Booster and Virtualizer.

Upon installation, the application asks to choose a mode for the widget: Toggle mode or Dialog mode. Audio Fx provides a great visual interface, the audio adjustment controls are just like real equalizer systems and GUI is perfectly nice and user friendly. It’s also possible to change the theme color and transparency of the widget.


If you choose Toggle mode, clicking the EQ button will cycle through pre-defined 10 presets making the 5 band levels automatically update and display the new values. Clicking any of these 5 bands toggle the preset to Custom and makes it possible to apply any custom effects manually. The Toggle mode doesn’t allow to drag the levels up or down, instead you have to click the levels to adjust them. Each click increase the level by about 10% which is completely grinding.

I recommend to use the Dialog mode which is more convenient and lets you manually drag any of the levels up or down easily. Clicking the EQ button in this mode will open up a list that lets you select any of the 10 default presets. The last three buttons on the right side of the widget enables Reverb, Bass Booster and Virtualizer.


Pros: Nice UI, very handy, Dialog & Toggle mode,

Cons: Does not support all devices, wish we could have more band-levels (maybe 10),

Audio Fx Widget General Features

  • Change Equalizer on Android from home screen!
  • Configurable theme color
  • Configurable transparency
  • 5 band-level equalizer
  • 6 Types preset reverb
  • Support for Bass Booster & Virtualizer

Download AudioFx Widget from Google Play