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Battery Status on Android Notification Bar and Home Screen

| 30 August 2013 |
Battery Widget is an application to view battery status on Android notification bar and home screen with so many available customization and personalization. When you add this light weight battery widget (it uses about 900Kb of your storage and comes in 2 fixed sizes: 1×1 and 2×2) on home screen, you have following options to customize:

  • Changing widget color when Charging, Discharging, Warning, and Danger. Widget color includes: battery gauge begin, battery gauge end, work board color, battery used color and background color
  • Changing font color and size
  • Changing Gauge size
  • Set the widget appearance to basic or transparent
  • Changing battery gauge type: continuous, 10, 20, 25, or 50 pieces
  • Widget size
  • Widget horizontal and vertical positions
  • Widget resolutions (for premium users)
  • Enable or disable showing temperature and voltage on first click
  • Enable or disable showing detail information on click (detail information are: Technology, Health, Plug Type, Status, Temperature, Voltage, CPU, and WiFi status)
  • Selecting double tapping action: Battery widget settings, Battery log graph, power usage summary, wireless settings, sound settings, display settings, Application settings, Do nothing or open any installed apps

There are 2 more features of Battery Widgets which are Battery Notify and Status Bar Notification:

Battery Notify: Choose to be notified for Charge, Discharge, Full Charge, Warning for reaching the battery level to a specific number, and Danger

Status Bar Notification: Showing the battery level on your device’s status bar. You can change the icon color for different circumstances like charging or discharging.

Battery Widget shows the battery percentage level on both home screen and notification bar accurately, it uses less 1 Mb of memory, and is well designed. If you are looking for a battery widget on your device, then this could be one of your choices to try

Download Battery Widget from Google Play