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BBC News: News Widgets for Android

| 5 July 2013 |
The leading News source is on your Android Home Screen. BBC News provides one of the best news widgets for Android with 4 different home screen widgets. When you first open the app, you can see the latest news in these categories: Top Stories, World, UK, Sport, Technology, and Entertainment & Arts. You can also edit these topics and add some other categories like: Business, Politics, Health, and Education. Moving between news is possible by swiping and it is really smooth. There is a news bar on the top of the app which shows you the latest news. You can Watch BBC News channel for free by tapping the Live button (The service is free but you may be charged for data usage). 
Push notifications has been added to the latest update of BBC News. It is used to send breaking news notifications directly to your device

BBC News Features
  • Quick Access to latest news from one  of the most trusted New source
  • Managing update frequency and notifications
  • Push Notifications for breaking news
  • Changing screen orientation
  • Full coverage of Great Britain countries: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales
  • Changing Font size


Now let’s have a close look at BBC News 4 Home screen Android News Widgets:

BBC News Large Widget: This resizable home screen widget shows you the latest 2 news of your chosen category. you can move between other news by tapping the arrow keys on the top right. There is also a Refresh button which is for updating the news in the specified category.

BBC News Small: This is a small news widget (4×1) which shows the headline of latest news in your specified news topic. Other features are just like the Large widget.

BBC News List Widget: This is our favorite widget. After specifying the news topic, the list of latest news of that topic is shown. You can scroll up and down to see other news. If you are using ICS or JB, you can change the size of the widget to see more news on your home screen.

BBC News Stack Widget: This widget shows the 4 latest news in your favorite topic in a stack view. Tapping the widget takes you to the App and the news.

Download BBC News from Google Play