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Best Android Weather App

| 1 May 2013 |
Android Weather App

Weather Apps and widgets are one of the most popular application category on Google Play. The importance of weather forecast is obvious for every one and what is better than a widget and app pack to provide the 5 Best Android Weather App and Weather?

1 The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

The popular weather channel is on your home screen. The temperature, weather status, feels like and the wind direction and speed is shown on the widget. Some extra information such as 10day forecast as well as 36 hour forecasts can be reached easily by this weather widget. It also lets you know if the weather condition is going to be changed for the next 6 hours.
Download From Google Play The Weather Channel
Features Detailed Weather Forecast
Over 200 Meteorologists
Screenshots The Weather Channel

2 AccuWeather



AccuWeather the famous weather forecaster. The current temperature, graphical weather status, 2 days forecast can be viewed on the home screen. A lot more info can be found in the application. The lifestyle forecast helps you find out if the weather is suitable for a social activity like; outdoor fitness, Travel, Fishing, Game and more. Download From Google Play AccuWeather
Features GPS Location
Specific Health Concerns
Screenshots AccuWeather

3 WeatherBug



Get the latest currnet conditions, forecast and much more with WeatherBug. The Widget Provides an extended 3-day forecast and more for quick access to your weather information. This table friendly widget and app, comes with a Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts (DTAs)to notify you about the upcoming severe weather change. It also supports push notififaction for severe weather alerts in the US. Download From Google Play WeatherBug
Features Lifestyle Forecasts
DTAs for Severe Weather Alerts
Screenshots WeatherBug



Enjoy the power of on your home screen. A powerful 7-day forecast with GPS positioning. This app and widget is especially meant for German speaking countries but it support all over the world. Animated rain radar is for weather in Germany & Spain, and the Editorial forecast is for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.German users can take advantage of the textual weather forecast as well. Download From Google Play
Features Germany weather forecast
Animated Rain Radar

5 Eye In Sky Weather

Eye In Sky Weather


Aan excellent looking app which lets you see a 5 day forecast for your location with a cool simple design. It also shows the current weather in a circle form. As the developers say this is for those who like their weather clean, simple and beautiful.You can also choose between the 4 pre designed home screen widgets with the ability to customize them Download From Google Play Eye In Sky Weather
Features Beautiful User Interface
4 different Widgets
Screenshots Eye In Sky Weather