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Best Math Alarm Clock App

| 16 May 2013 |
Math Alarm Clock App

Imagine it is morning and you are sleep as usual. You wake up and you realize something is wrong! The clock didn’t raise the alarm. You are late and you couldn’t get to your class. But the fact is that the alarm was raised and you just dismissed it unknowingly. This seems to be a real trouble. What is the solution? Here we are to introduce a new type of alarm clock which you can’t dismiss it that easily! A math style alarm clock!

Math Alarm Clock

This seems just like a normal alarm clock. It takes a time parameter, a ringtone and all other parameters just as usual. The clock starts ticking and will raise the alarm at the specified time. You try to dismiss the alarm unknowingly again, but this time you can’t! Here is where the magic happens. This is where the application has something new to say. You will have to answer a mathematical problem in order to dismiss the alarm.  User is free to select from 4 level of math difficulty. This way you will have to be completely aware to answer the math problem and you will never be late again for the class.


Application Features

  • Custom Ringtone selection
  • 4 level of problem difficulty
  • Random music selection


The application which is quietly compatible with any android version is available at Google Play.

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