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Best Note Taking App for Nexus

| 15 May 2013 |
Note Taking App for Nexus

Note Taking Widgets and Apps are a popular category in each Operating System, from Android OS to Windows for PC. Google as the house of Android provides lots of app for Android, but lack of a dedicated widget for Taking notes, was a bit strange, until Google introduced Google Keep. In this widget you can easily make notes and to do. You can also attach pictures to notes. This app supports audio notes too. You have lots of customization and for example you can change background color of your notes. A really good point of this app is to ability to sync with your Google Account and therefore your Google Drive account. This feature is really useful when you don’t have access to your phone and you just need to find a device connected to internet and type the following address: Here it is all your Keep contents.

This app also has a dedicated widget for lock screen, so that you can see your notes in the shortest possible time (this features is supported just by Android Jelly Bean 4.2).

Widget features

  • Different sizes for widget
  • Supporting both Right to Left and Left to Right
  • Ability to attach pictures to notes
  • Ability to change the background color of texts
  • Rapid access to all the notes
  • Marking the To Do list, Item list (for example for finished tasks or bought items)

You can download this simple and lovely widget from Google Play. Download Google Keep.

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