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Best Widgets: Collection of Necessary Android Widgets

| 31 December 2013 |

Best Widgets is a collection of some necessary Android widgets in one package. From within this collection, it is possible to easily receive the latest weather forecast, see the current date/time and observe the battery level in stylish home screen widgets. You can apply professional themes or give your widgets a shortcut to a custom application or maybe choose from the 50 different layout options, no matter which option you choose, it is still free.


Best Widgets provides 6 multi size home screen widgets. Each of these widgets supports specific layouts depending on their sizes. For example the smaller widgets do not support long-term forecasts while the bigger ones can display a lot more details. Widgets are not resizable (except for the 4×4) and there are not much customizations that you can make. Instead the author has provided a huge collection of professional themes that you can choose to install from the web. The default theme is transparent and satisfying.


The two smaller widgets (2×1 and 1×2) are specifically designed to display date/time and battery level. Although it is possible to apply weather layouts on them, I prefer to give this responsibility to bigger ones.


The instructions are easy. Drag any of the widgets to home screen, choose your layout (time/date, weather or battery level), select a theme and done. If your widget supports, you can make any of the date or time texts interact with user clicks to open custom application although there are no shortcuts to system settings and that this feature does not work on some devices. If you selected a weather layout, it is possible to choose your current city either by manaully searching for it or by letting the application detect it. This feature works really fluent. It is possible to keep track of the weather for several locations simultaneously. The app supports both Fahrenheit and Celsius. There is also an update interval for weather widgets that doesn’t work.


Pros: 5 Different widgets sizes with different layouts, Support for long-term weather forecast,

Cons: Update interval and shortcut feature do not work

 Best Widgets General Features

  • 6 multi-size Widgets
  • Different purpose widgets – time/date, weather, battery level
  • 50 selectable layouts
  • Support for themes
  • Option to apply shortcuts to widgets
  • Long-term weather forecast support
  • Track weather for multiple cities simultaneously