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Birthdays: Android Birthday Reminder App and Widget

| 14 August 2013 |
Birthdays is one of the best Android birthday reminder app and widget, which its main task is to remind you of upcoming friends birthdays and anniversaries. And we believe it does its tasks very well and it is really hard to forget a birthday or anniversary. If you are not going to congratulate a friend for its birthday, you need to find an excuse other than forgetting the date because Birthdays starts to remind you 14 days before the event.

When you first open the application, you need to tap the Plus icon on the top right to start adding birthdays and anniversaries. You first choose the type, then add the entry either from your contacts or just add a name, and the last thing you need to do is selecting the date. Repeat this process for all your friends and families you care about and you want be remembered about their birthdays. Now on the main screen of the application, you see the upcoming events sorted by days left. If you have added the date of birth, you get to see the age of your friends on the screen too.

Available actions for each friends added from the contacts list are: Find a gift (from Amazon, or eBay), add a note, call, send text message or email. The feature to Call from the application was really great.

Notifications for Birthdays let you define when to be reminded of an upcoming birthday or anniversary. You can set time and sound for notification as well as the day to remember. You can choose one or multiple of these items: On birthday, 1 day before, 2 days before, 7 days before and 14 days before.

Here are some other features of Birthdays for Android: Import birthdays from your Facebook profile, Create a backup from your list and export it to SD card, change the sorting from days left to name or age,  and supports Chinese and Western as Zodiac signs.


Birthdays offer 4 home screen widgets with different sizes,  which show the nearest events in a list. The 3×1 widget shows the nearest event, the 4×1 one shows the 4 nearest events and it reaches to 8 for the 4×2 widget. There is also a 3×1 widget which doesn’t show the picture of contacts and it shows the nearest 4 events in text. The last widget wasn’t updated automatically and we had to remove and add the widget again to update the contents. But other widgets are updated as there is a change in the birthdays dates or other details. There is no customizations for the home screen widgets and tapping the widgets, opens the main app. We were expecting to be able to open the Actions menu when tapping the 3×1 widget which only shows the nearest event.

As a conclusion,  we should say Birthdays for Android provides a very simple user interface and it really does its job very well. Except the issue we mentioned for the home screen widgets, we didn’t find any other inconvenience. What we would like to see in the next update of the application is the ability to customize the notifications settings for each event separately.

Download Birthdays for Android from Google Play