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Clap to Find your Android and Turn the Flash On

| 12 August 2013 |
Clap To Find apps and widgets are a fun way to find your lost Android device. Consider yourself in a dark place and you can’t find your device. So, what do you do? How about start clapping or whistling for a couple of times and your phone starts ringing or the LED flash gets activated. Clap to Find and Clap to Light are two of the best in their kinds, developed by the same team.

To start enjoying finding your phone with clapping, you just need to enable the application, set the sensitivity level (16 levels from low to high), select alert mode (sound only, vibrate only, both, or turn on flash which needs the Clap to Light application), choose the ringtone and the ringtone volume, and set the time to stop the music or turning off the flash.


Both Calp to Find and Clap to Light offers a home screen widget which functions as a toggle button to disable or enable the application. It is also used to disable the alarm or light when the phone is found by clapping.

Frankly, we really liked the idea of these two apps, but we didn’t find them, especially when you are in a crowded place with lots of different sounds and noises. On the other side it is really useful for finding your phone in quiet and dark places. Sometimes, instead of clapping, the app started to react to our voices or whistles regardless of its sensitivity, and some other times we had to clap for too many times so the app identifies the sound.

Download Clap to Find From Google Play

Download Clap to Light From Google Play