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Clean Master: Android Cache Cleaner

| 4 July 2013 |
Are you following our productivity app and widget reviews? Clean Master is indeed one of the best apps for making some more free memory, we have ever worked with. The interface is really simple and and you  know where to go for different tasks when opening the app for the first time. Unlike other apps in this category which needs to take some time to get familiar with the interface. When Opening the app, you see the status of your device’s memory; both SD Card and Device Storage.

There are also 4 quick access buttons for Junk Files, Privacy, Tasks, and App Manager

Junk File: This is for clearing cache and residual files. To be honest it surprised us when showing the cached files on the device. It shows the cached files in details. For example you can see how much Viber image thumbnails are using memory and home much Viber shared images are using space, and you can delete each of them. The app also advices you on keeping or deleting some cached files.

Privacy: Privacy is about managing Browsing history, clipboard, Messages, call logs, accounts, and password

Tasks:  It shows the open tasks and you can end them by just one tap. By the way you shouldn’t expect a professional task killer.

App Manager: It lets you uninstall applications on your Android phone. You may select multiple apps to uninstall them all at the same time. The backup feature lets you create a backup of your apps.


Let’s see what Clean Master offers for Home Screen widget. The widget shows the amount of device memory, and the amount of free memory. There is a recycle button, which tapping it makes some memory by managing tasks. There is also a refresh button to show you the memory status in real time. Tapping the key at the right side of the widget, opens the Application

Download Clean Master from Google Play