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Control your Android billing Costs with DroidSats

| 22 July 2013 |

DroidStats controls and manages your billing costs and your monthly limits by tracking your total call minutes (incoming and outgoing), incoming and outgoing text messages, and sent and received data on both WiFi and mobile.

What you need to provide as input data are:

–          Monthly limit of your contract, which includes Free minutes, SMS, and data

–          Settings for costs, billing, number and time exceptions.

You can also add free numbers for both calling and sending text messages, exclude times and days in which your minutes aren’t billed. You can even specify the way to charge for long text messages (more than 160 characters). Update interval for data usage can be changed from every 10 minutes to every 40 minutes, and update interval for SMS can be changed from every 45 minutes to every 6 hours.

If you take some time and fill the required data carefully, then DroidStats promises a complete control over your monthly expenses. You can choose to receive status bar notifications when approaching and exceeding your: Call limit, SMS limit, Data limit, Units limit, costs limit. Warning threshold can be changed to specify when to warn you of reaching your limits.

There are so many other options and settings in the app, and as mentioned before if you take some time to change the settings, you will get a more accurate estimate of your monthly bill. By the way we had some concerns about the accuracy of the app in overall, and it seems not to be counting text messages correctly (especially for those we deleted) and there were some deviation in the data usage calculation too (compared with the default Android data usage feature). It is suggested to monitor your calls, messages and data, manually for a day or two and compare it with DroidStats logs and see if the accuracy satisfies you or not.


DroidStats in its premium version, provide 5 home screen widgets and 1 status bar widget, which are as follows:

Data per App: This 1×1 widget, works as a shortcut. Tapping it takes you to a page which shows the data usage (sent, received, and total) per downloaded apps and system apps since the last boot of your Android device

DroidStats 1×1, 2×1, 3×1, 4×1: These widgets let you track up to 4 statistics on your home screen. Available stats are: Free minute limit, Free SMS limit, Free mobile data limit, Free units, Remaining costs, Total costs, Outgoing Minutes (total), Outgoing Minutes (month), Outgoing minutes billed, outgoing calls, incoming minutes, incoming calls, failed calls, missed calls, call costs, SMS sent, SMS sent billed, SMS Received, SMS Costs, Mobile data, Mobile data costs, Wifi Data today, Wifi data month, Estimated billed minutes, Estimated billed SMS, Estimated units, Estimated mobile data, and Estimated costs.

You can change the Transparency of widgets as the only customization available.

Status Bar Widget: You can see 4 statistics from the mentioned ones in the home screen widgets, on your lock screen. Widget theme can be chosen from: Light status bar, Dark status bar, and Theme for HTC sense.


As you can see, everything about your mobile phone can be tracked and monitored right from your home screen. The down side of home screen widgets is that, since there is no separate icon for each statistics, you may confuse what these stats are for after a while.

Download DroidStats Premium from Google Play