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Countdown Timer for Android is a Must Have Widget

| 30 September 2013 |

Countdown Timer is the perfect application for timing countdown on Android. With a very charming user interface, this application can count from 99 hours down to 1 second. The interface is not only cute and lovely but also easy to use. Setting the time period is as easy as swiping the digits up/down. As soon as you click the big play button on the upper right side, the countdown starts with a smooth scrolling animation. Tablet users are going to love this application especially if they hear the scrolling animation is 60 frames per second.


The app is bundled with a 2×1 homescreen widget. It is resizable but unfortunately does not offer many customizations and above that, you miss the smooth rolling wheel animation that the main application has. The widget displays a digital hh:mm countdown and if you adjust the time pace via the settings, you will gain an hh:mm:ss countdown that updates every second (not recommended though, it slows down the device). Except these weak points the widget has some great features that makes it stand out from all other countdown widgets. The widget is battery optimized, that means it updates the timer only when the screen is on. The progress bar at the very bottom of the widget can be used to see the time passed and the remaining time at a glance. Accessing and setting any of the 5 previous countdown (history) is as easy as clicking the widget and selecting the specific item from the floating dialog.


The application can also be used as an alarm clock. The settings section lets you select and set an alarm sound and a vibration type (from a list of 4 items). The options for snooze can be found under More Tweaks. From the settings you can also activate the Early Warning that makes the app notify you when the countdown is about to finish, an option that is really useful in some situations.


Pros: Intuitive swipe interface with smooth rolling wheel animation, battery optimized, support for high resolution devices (tablets)

Cons: No rolling wheel animation for widget

 Countdown Timer General Features

  • Nice & friendly graphical interface
  • 60fps rolling wheel animation
  • Countdown from 99h to 1s
  • 2×1 widget
  • Progress bar – see the remaining time at a glance
  • Use as alarm clock


Download Countdown Timer from Google Play