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Countdown Widget for Android

| 20 July 2013 |
AW Center Widget Review page is to review the best Android widgets in different categories, and we let you decide, which Widget or App suits you the best. A common point between all these Android apps and widgets is that, they all worth taking time and has been handpicked between hundreds competitors.

In the category of  Countdown widget for Android, we have reviewed Final Countdown as one of the best countdown widgets and here we introduce Countdown Widget as another one in this category. As the name suggests this application is actually a home screen widget and uses a countdown timer to remind you of your upcoming events.

There are 3 count down widgets to add to your Home Screen


Countdown Widget Small: This widget occupies an area of ​​one square and shows number of days left to the added events. This widget is useful when the event is about a day (for example birthday of a friend) and is not sensitive about hour or minute. You can add a title, change date format, enable or disable notifications, share event and choose one of the available themes (More themes can be found on the widget and needs to be unlocked).

Countdown Widget Medium: This 2×1 widget shows the due date, remaining days, and a clock style graphic which frankly we didn’t get what it is for.

Countdown Widget Large: This 3×1 widget is actually a counter and shows the remaining days, hours, and minutes to the event you created. Available customizations are the same as the other 2 widgets

Countdown widget is an easy to use counter widget with a simple interface which just counts down every event you define and nothing more. If you are looking for some more good looking themes and styles, you need to unlock available themes to have more options other than the 4 default presets.

Download Countdown Widget from Google Play