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EasyProfiles: Android Profile Manager

| 18 August 2013 |
Haven’t you missed those neat profiles on the late Nokia Symbian devices? How do you manage the settings of your device in different situations? If you are one of those who are not satisfied with the current options on the stock Android ROM of their device, then EasyProfiles might come handy pretty much. It lets you define 6 profiles with different settings. Available profiles are: Home, Car, Default, Night, Work, and Meeting, and these profiles are activated with 2 taps on the home screen widget: One tap on the widget and the other one on the profile to be activated.

You can also set some rules with different conditions and events. For each rule there is a target profile which gets activated as soon as all conditions are true. Some conditions are: headphones are connected, Display switched off, Charging cable connected, arrived at a location and so many more.


Let’s get back to profiles and available tasks and actions which can be assigned to each profile. Wireless networks, Sound, and Display toggles are some of the actions can be changed when a profile is activated. There are also some advanced actions available like: Ringer group exception, ringer volume lock, and automatically answer calls, start application, kill application, Send SMS, Call a number.

  • Wireless:  Airplane mode, Bluetooth, WiFi, WiFi Sleep Policy, WiFi DHCP, Mobile Network, Background data, Auto sync, Hotspot (No control over GPS is available and Airplane mode need Root access)
  • Sound: Ringer Mode, Ringer Volume, Notification Vibration, System Volume, Alarm Volume, Music Volume, Voice call volume, Ringtone, Notification tone, Haptic feedback, DMTF tone when dialing
  • Display: Automatic Screen Brightness, Screen Brightness, Display Timeout, Auto Rotate, Wallpaper, Car Mode

EasyProfiles can be very useful if you change the settings based on your needs, and unlike Tasker has a more user friendly interface with limited features which is suitable for less professional users. Since the trial version of EasyProfiles is available with full functionality for 2 weeks, it is  recommended to first install the free version to see if your expected mixture of actions work properly or not. Because these types of applications and widgets, need you to take some time to be able to find the logic behind the application for making the most out of them.

Download EasyProfiles from Google Play