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EverNote: Android Note Taking Widget

| 9 June 2013 |
Android Note Taking Widget

Evernote is a cross-platform note taking application with lots of features. Besides taking notes, it lets you take photos, record voice, reminders, create to-do (task) lists and above them all, its widget lets you access directly all Evernote features, right from your home screens.


Free version includes:

  • Easily create and modify new notes and to-do lists
  • Search within your texts, even texts inside images!
  • Sync your note across other platforms you use
  • Easy organizing with notebooks and tags
  • Share your notes with friends using email, Facebook or Twitter
  • Widgets with configurable options

There are also some features available only to premium users:

  • Access your notes in offline mode
  • Secure the app with pin-lock
  • Let others modify your notes.


Ever Note Widgets lets you quickly access all Evernote core functionalities from home screen. 3 widgets are available:

  • A 1×1 widget which gives you quick access to one of these: new note, Snapshot, Audio note, Search, Quick Snapshot, Sktich, Speech to text Note
  • The large widget which gives you access to 5 of the mentioned actions
  • The extended widget which shows the recent notes on home screen

The screenshots below, show what your home screen looks like when adding Evernote Widgets, and the available customization when adding a widget

Evernote Widgets

Note: It is now possible to simultaneously install your Evernote application in SD card and have the widgets working! As you might know, if Evernote is installed on SD card, the widgets will no longer operate. To overcome this problem, Evernote team released a separate widget application which will still let you have the widgets regardless of where you have installed the application.

Download Evernote Widget from Google Play