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Flowers and Birds Clock Widget

| 22 October 2013 |

Flowers and Birds Clock Widget is a combination of clock widget with hand painted background and some cartoon wallpapers; A special gift for handmade arts lovers. The widget displays a digital clock with current day, month and year in a selectable easterners hand painted background (in a set of three).

The application offers a 4×2 widget. It is not resizable – you can’t resize it to fill your desired space. It is, however, customizable and stylish! It provides you 4 selectable cartoon homescreen wallpapers that completely matches the widget style to make your home screen even more unique!


Clicking the widget redirects you to widget’s settings page. Unfortunately it is not possible to change the clicking action to open a shortcut or to run a custom app. From the settings it is possible to change the color of the clock and the date. I really love the color picker dialog as it is easy to quickly find your desired color (unlike some apps, this one supports all RGB colors). Unfortunately it is only possible to change the font’s color, no options to change the size.

From the Background and Animations settings it is possible to choose the homescreen wallpaper (from the set of 4) and to change the background for the widget (from the set of 3). There is also a bird animations option that didn’t work for me.


Pros: hand-painted background,

Cons: Not so much customizable

Flowers And Birds Clock Widget General Features

  • Nice 4×2 home screen clock widget
  • Customizable font colors
  • 3 selectable widget background
  • 4 selectable home screen wallpaper


Download Flowers and Birds Clock Widget from Google Play