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Flying Widgets: Let the Icons Float on Home Screen

| 29 September 2013 |

If you ever decided to give a new feeling to your home screen, Floating Widget is the right application to do this. This application simply hangs out icons instead of placing them in the home screen normally and opens any specified app upon clicking them.

The application has two widget sizes to choose from: 2×1 and 3×1. Each of these widgets are attached to a string giving you the feeling that they are actually hanging out from your home screen upper side, if you position them correctly.

Upon dragging any of them to your home screen, widget settings window appears. The interface is quite easy to work with, although the graphical UI is not that attractive. You select an icon, assign a shortcut and done! You’ve just hanged an icon from your home screen.

The customization option in this application is really awful and the free version has only 5 icons to select. Even when you buy the pro version, only 8 icons will be added to the collection. It would be more intuitive if we had the option to choose a custom icon. The following is the list of icons you can choose:  Camera, Music, Pictures, Voice Recorder, Alarm, Compass, Barcode Reader, Shopping, Flashlight, Email, Messages and Social. It is also notable that the string (or the rope) that virtually attaches the icon to the home screen is fixed and you shouldn’t expect to drag down the icon to open the application.


Pros: Great idea, 2 selectable widgets, user friendly interface, and the app icon is really cute!

Cons: No customization is available, Icons are fixed and there is no flexibility, That little icon appears as the ad ware is really annoying


Download Flying Widgets from Google Play