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| 11 March 2014 |
free btc

Most android widgets related to bitcoins show you the latest exchange rates, whistles when prices goes higher than this or lower than that and act as a wallet keeping your crypto-money safe in your pocket. But where you should earn bitcoins?

If you are a Bitcoin geek, you can use softwares like cgminer and BFG to “mine” coins but nowadays – with exchange rates being around 1BTC = 600-800 USD – we ordinary people do not have much luck mining any coin with our mortal computers.

So how you can get your first cents of this magic currency? The answer for many of us is sites which give away free Bitcoins. These sites give you a chance of “winning a lottery” or gaining very small amounts of bitcoins (say 0.000005 BTC) in exchange of seeing an advertisement or entering a captcha.

FreeBTC is a small simple app with near 50 links to all the major sites who give away these free coins or hold lotteries. It can be a way to spend your wasted time more productively and making your first cents to flow into your bitcoin wallet. The main page has links to all the popular free Bitcoin sites which you can click and fill a form or enter a captcha and earn small chunks of Bitcoin.

I liked this software because the most annoying part of the Bitcoin story was not having ANY money in my wallet and this software let me have around 0.001 cents just after a couple of days running it in bus, WC and – to be honest – my work desk!



Screenshot_2014-03-09-09-37-07 Screenshot_2014-03-09-09-36-30 Screenshot_2014-03-09-09-39-19


– Clean interface

– Collects all the major free bitcoins sites in one place

– Show the sites and let you earn your bitcoin without opening an external browser




– Would be great if it was able to remember my Bitcoin wallet address and enter it by long tapping the appropriate field

– Although it if fun to earn a little bit of Bitcoin and fill your wallet with something at begining but soon you’ll find out that it is more productive to spend around 60USD in an exchange center and see 0.1 BTC in your wallet

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