Lastet Review

Google Play Music Widget

| 20 June 2013 |

Just another app monster from Google. This time it is a streaming music service which lets you listen to either your offline music or music stored in Google Music cloud. This service enables you to store your music online and listen to them anytime, anywhere. Only save the music for offline usage if you like it! This way you are no more concerned of storage space and you can easily listen to your music. You are allowed to store a collection of up to 20,000 songs, and not only songs but TV shows, books, applications, games and almost anything!


Let’s take a quick look at what you get by using Google Play music

  • Share with Google+ friends
  • Up to 18 million available songs for buying
  • Listen without syncing
  • Scan & match – upload music only if the music is not available in    Google cloud service
  • Free – No ads
  • Use the monthly plan or directly buy the music
  • Play music from home screen with widget



The application comes with its own widget letting you play the music right from your home screen. You also get to play the next and previous songs, see the song cover, and tap the like icon, if you like the song.