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Got-IT! is A Beautiful Task List Widget with Metro Like Style

| 18 January 2014 |

Got-IT! is truly one of the prettiest task list applications thanks to its great looking user friendly interface. It is so applicable, productive, simple, and above all using its widgets, accessible within the comfort of your hand! Forget about all those complexity of task list applications, if you want to go with something really compact, Got-IT! is the one. In the followings, we will take a look at the application’s features, we will talk about its design interface and lastly we will list the general features.

Got-IT! offers two homescreen widgets. The First one is just a shortcut and the other one which we are also interested in, is a resizable widget. Tasks are added using the main application. To respect the tidiness, you can create several lists of tasks. One for example for shopping list, another for monthly meetings and so on. Using the three colorful buttons, it is possible to assign Due Dates, Add Reminder and Password Protect a task (require PRO version).


Now back to our widgets, our interesting resizable widget, lists all these task lists and categorize them based on their respective due dates: Today, Tomorrow, Next 7 days, Later and tasks with No date.

One tap on the task’s checkbox is enough to mark it as done. This will also make them vanish from the list immediately.

From the widget’s preferences, it is possible to choose a specific task list (for example today’s shopping list). This is useful for when you are shopping and you don’t want to have all your other tasks at the same time. It is also possible to change the sort order.

The app doesn’t let you directly add new tasks from homescreen. Clicking the + button on the widget redirects you to the main application.

Did I mention that the widget has no restriction on its size? Full resizable means you can resize it to completely fill the entire homescreen without losing the quality.



I mentioned earlier how gloriously Got-IT! looks. After its simplicity, the only reason that I would want to keep Got-IT! on my homescreen is its interface which represents Windows 8 start menu, which gets more exciting when have some themes and font customization at your service.


So why Got-IT!?

Because it supports Synchronization with Google Tasks, smart on its notification and thanks to its Password feature private tasks are safe now.

The only thing which worries me is the small bugs some users are complaining about, and the fact that the application hasn’t received any update from the developers since April 2013.


Got-IT! General Features:

  • High quality task list application
  • 2 homescreen widgets with options
  • Synchronization with Google Tasks
  • Task Reminder
  • Lock private tasks
  • Tasks search
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