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GPS Widget: Find GPS Coordinates on Android

| 30 July 2013 |

What are the Latitude, Longitude and Altitude of your current location? How to find GPS Coordinates on Android? How do you answer these questions with the aid of your Android gadget? You can either, open Google Maps and search through the menus to find the geographic coordinates of your current location, or install an Android widget to aim this purpose. GPS Widget Pro is a simple home screen widget to show your location’s coordination as well as the accuracy of estimation. You can also turn the widget off manually and open Google Maps (or any other installed map application) right from the widget.

If you use the free version, the GPS coordination is all you got, but updating to the Pro version provides you the following features:

Share your Location with friends via Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks

Change the location format to Decimal Degrees Or Degrees, Minutes, Seconds, Or Degrees, Decimal Minutes, Or Universal Transverse Mercator.

Changes units of measurement from Meters to Feet

Show Additional information: Street address, City, Postal code + City, GPS Satellite Fix

Automatically switch off the widget after, from 5 minutes to 8 hours


IF you are satisfied with the current format (especially the Metric format) and don’t want to share your location, the free version suits you the best. But make yourself ready for dealing with Karma points!

As a conclusion we should say, GPS Widget Pro is really simple, accurate and does exactly what it is supposed to do. It is really useful for those who travel a lot in different locations and different heights from sea level (Altitude). 

Download GPS Widget Pro from Home Screen