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HTC One Default Clock Widgets

| 27 June 2013 |
There are so many Android Clock widgets available on Google Play (See: 10 Best Android Clock Widgets), but each manufacturer adds some default clock widgets to their products. HTC with its famous sense interface, provides 3 clock widgets, and 2 clock & weather widgets for its 2013 flagship; HTC One. So, if you prefer to use default clock widgets for your HTC One, stay with us to see how they look on your home screen and what are their features?

If you don’t know how to add widgets to HTC One, read: How to Add a Widget on HTC One


Analog Clock

When you add Analog Clock widget to your home screen, you are asked to specify what time zone you would like to see: Your current Location, or other cities? You may tap the Plus button to add other cities. there is also “Show City Label” option which can be enabled or disabled. Tapping the widget takes you to the Clock App.

Digital Clock

The personalization options for Digital Clock is the same as the Analog Clock, and the only difference is about the widget size, which is 2×1 (The analog clock size is 1×1)

Travel Clock

This analog dual clock shows the current time for two cities at the same time, and it is really suitable for travel. When adding the widget, you are asked to set time zone for first and second clock respectively.

Weather Clock

There are 2 weather & clock widgets for HTC One which the sizes are 4×2 and 4×1. After adding the widget, you need to specify the city and after that, you see: Time, Date, City name, Weather condition and Current, Lowest, Highest Temperature.

What is your favorite clock widget? Do you prefer the default widgets or you would to try different clock widgets?