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idealo Price Comparison for Android

| 7 July 2013 |
There are thousands of online shops all around the world which provide a product with different prices. How do you make sure you have found the best offer? Well, if you live in Austria, France, Germany, Great Britain, or Italy, we recommend idealo Price Comparison for Android. The Android App and widget is connected to more than 14,000 online shop which covers the price details of more than 300,000 products (The numbers are based on the developer’s claim). So, what you need to do is either type the name of the product or just scan the Barcode, and then have access to these mentioned Shops and find the best available price among them.

When we searched for Galaxy S4 and HTC One, other than price comparison, we had access to device review from some trusted sources. This review is not available for all the products. Price chat is another feature which shows the fluctuation of prices over time. When you find the best offer, you just need to tap the offer and then be redirected to the shop offer. We found an interesting feature in the price chart, which is Price Watcher. What does Price Watcher do? When you find the price of the product you are looking for, too expensive, you can set a Target price and the Application automatically informs you when the target price is reached.

Before getting to idealo home screen widgets, let’s take a look at idealo Price Comparison Features:

  • Quick Access to more than 14,000 Online Shops with over 300,000 Procuts
  • Access to available reviews for the searched product
  • Add items to your favorite lists
  • Set a Target price and be informed when the target is reached
  • Available bargains with some unique offers
  • Offering similar products for the searched item


idealo comes with 3 widgets for your Home Screen.

idealo Bargains: This widget shows the latest available bargains in different online shops. Offers are changed automatically. Tapping the offer takes you directly to the related page on the app, and tapping the item list button on the top right, takes you to the available offers. This prices drop refers to the average daily lowest price on ideao in the last 90 days.

idealo Favorites:
It shows the products in your favorite list, which is helpful when you want to have a quick access to items on your list

idealo News: This news widget gathers the news from all the online shops, and if you find some new interesting, you just need to tap it to read the full story

Download idealo Price Comparison from Google Play